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officers apply, the slogan -- he's in michigan. he says "fox & friends" every day, god bless the u.s.a. >> welcome, everyone, to our friday edition of "fox & friends." let's talk about something that's grim which is the death toll in haiti now feared to be 50,000 this morning and the number expected to get higher. search and rescue teams, doctors and military troops on the scene there now trying to help but the damaged roads and airports are making it very difficult to get desperately needed supplies and aid to the people. meantime, the injured are waiting in makeshift holding areas and hospitals but they are not adequately equipped. >> now, i don't have anything now. >> to make matters worse, the desperation and frustration has led many to looting in the
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search to survive. food and water. >> meanwhile, our own jonathan hunt is live in port-au-prince with the latest on the rescue efforts. he's at the airport. jonathan, i know that the united states military is trying to get as many of those great big planes in there because each one really is like a flying grocery store. they're stock full of stuff that those people need desperately. >> yeah, absolutely, steve. and the c-17 cargo planes from the u.s. air force from mcguire air force base, from travis air force base were here regularly yesterday. they were only on the ground about an hour a time, an extraordinary operation to watch them land, get unloaded. turn back around and go back to get more supplies. but you get the sense, steve, that this is very much a make or break day for haiti. a lot of the supplies have been coming in here to the port-au-prince airport but i spend many, many hours out on the streets of port-au-prince yesterday and i can tell you this -- i did not see a single instance in which that aid was being handed out to the
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desperate people who need it most. and there was a calmness among the desperation yesterday. we did see those instances of looting but they were few and far between in reality. generally, they were facing this with a relatively calm determination. you get the sense if they do not get the food they need, they do not get the water they need, they do not get the medical supplies that they desperately need within the next 24 hours, then the scene here could change drastically and we have seen so often before how haiti can descend into violence if the people choose to take that path. if they do not get the supplies they need, we may turn from this desperate but relatively calm situation to one that is desperate and desperately violent, steve. >> all right. jonathan hunt live at the airport with the latest. we should point out that the first army troops from the 82nd airborne arrived yesterday, about 100 from fort bragg, what they're going to do over the next couple of days are set up
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tents and then the full brigade will be there shortly by sunday and then 2200 marines by monday. and uss carl vincent will arrive today. >> one of the main reasons why time is of the essence not only security, people are buried alive so you only have two or three days without water. meanwhile, yesterday, we caught up with arguably the most famous haitian-born person let alone musician around today. he is wycleaf jean. he and his wife are helping with the rescue and recovery efforts and are trying to raise millions for the people of haiti right away. >> from the airport here at port-au-prince, wycleaf jean, haitian born along with his wife and family. this is haiti's version of bono. this is haiti's version of bruce springsteen. he means so much to the people here. how did you spend the day today? >> best way i can say, this is apocalypse. the reality that you're getting at the airport has nothing to do
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with what's going on on the ground right now. we're talking about this, people that still under the rubble. the count is not 100,000. there's at least has to be 400,000 to 500,000 people that is about to die. >> extraordinary figure. and frankly, we've stayed away from those numbers because they've been high and low. they've been up and down. >> i'm on the ground. it's high. the numbers are high. we talking about we need a state of emergency. >> i'm not arguing with you. what i'm trying to figure out is how you spent your day because it is harrowing for you and your wife. >> we spent the day picking up dead bodies all day. that's what we did from kids, it's so much bodies in the streets, that the morgues are filled up. the cemeteries are filled up. so we participated in picking up the bodies and finding a place where we could put these bodies. i got to tell you, i have a strong woman. i don't know how she did it, man. >> how did you do it? >> i'm doing ok. >> you say you didn't have a
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choice. >> no other choice because as soon as we walk in, that's all we saw was pretty much a lot of dead bodies in the street. kids, so many people underneath. we have more bodies underneath the stone of all the houses that break down than we have live bodies right now. >> i know you're trying to raise money. >> yeah. >> how can people help your country? >> people can help right now our country by texting, you're going to text the word yele, 501501 send. we have to raise a million dollars a day. on four to five days, this whole country is going to be in chaos. we are calling for a state of emergency. please, president obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, the four million for our haitians, we have to do something for our country. >> i know it's a tough time and i can feel it in your voice when we were talking earlier so good luck, ok? >> wow. and here's another number where
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you can help if you'd like more information on reaching people or how to help in any way financially is what they need right now, state department has set up this number 888-407-4747. >> with the parliament destroyed, with the presidential palace destroyed, you really think essentially and the u.n. suffering devastating -- devastating loss and 150 unaccounted for, it seems like we're pretty much in charge. >> well, we are in charge. but somebody from the department of state made it clear yesterday, we are simply leading the charge. haiti is still running their own country. we're just giving them a hand because they certainly need it. you know, let's talk a little bit about this. we even told you in the past about how to get votes, the white house and the senate democrat leaders have made some sweetheart deals. >> fantastic bribes have been dangled under mary landro of louisiana and under ben nelson's nose from nebraska. >> also senator nelson from
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florida. >> absolutely. that as well. they have a carve out. yesterday, they really needed the support of the unions. so what do they do? they -- and the cadillac unions, the cadillac health care plans are what the unions were really objecting to because they were going to put a 40% exize tax on them. to the rescue, the white house. >> i don't think a lot of people will be surprised with this because the unions came out barking a couple of days ago. they held these huge press conferences and let the whole world know they were upset with this. who got another sweetheart deal? the unions now. they apparently will be exempt. their policies, their health care policies that were going to be taxed 40% are going to be exempt from the surtax until 2018. that is, i believe, four years after this health care reform plan would actually go into effect. so you're asking this morning, what about all the other middle class folks in america who have good health insurance right now? so-called cadillac insurance plans? what's going to happen to them? guess what, you're going to pay the tax unless you belong to one of these unions. >> when they did -- when they
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gave it to the cbo and said what do you think about this in the senate? they said ok, this is how much it's going to cost and save the deficit. they needed this money, the 40% tax that is a pour into a lot of people factored in so all of a sudden, tuesday, when the leadership of the unions come in and talk to the president and the president is now hands on, sleeves are up, he said i got to have this money and then get calls yesterday and says i think i have a deal for you. i'm going to delay the tax on you and it's going to cost this plan $60 billion but i'm going to delay it for five years. now, your neighbor who is not in the union by 2013, they're going to pay a 40% tax. something else i'm going to give the unions, we're going to eliminate from any taxing dental and vision. so in other words, your health plan is going to be taxed in 2018. you're thinking to yourself, well, you're just delaying the inevitable. this is a long-term process of revamping the health insurance industry. but i'm looking at some of the quotes from the union heads and they're saying we have a few years to make this better.
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>> sure. >> so it's only going to get better for the unions and you think if they're all of a sudden marching in lock step, don't you think it's a wink and a nod. >> a wink and a nod and a vote in the 2010 election. and a vote the next election. >> you know, the big speed bump for the president's health care initiative over the last couple of weeks has been the unions because they've -- they said we're going to have to come out and say we can't go along with it. >> are they the third branch? >> they dangle this. let's be factual about this, it is a bribe. it's simply a bribe so the unions would go along with it but if you're not in a union, you're going to have to pay. >> who is going to represent the middle class people in america because they don't have that big voice? they don't have the opportunity to go to capitol hill and hold a press conference as a representative of the union. who is going to represent you? and who do you care about it? email us or twitter us today, let us know do you care that your voice may not be heard with this. you're going to be slapped with this 40% tax?
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>> gretch, i'll tell you when their voice is going to be heard, next election. >> we'll talk more about what's going on with scott brown very shortly. >> let's talk about the vice presidential office because, as you know, the president and his running mate have said they'll be the most transparent administration ever. those days of secrecy in the white house, they left with dick cheney and george bush and that's true because there was a big meeting. there's a big meeting according to the l.a. times and verified by the white house this they looked at joe biden's things to do list, there was a big meeting with the transparency secretary at joe biden's office. here's the problem. no one is allowed in. not the press. the door is closed. we have no idea what they're talking about or when it's going to be done or what they're wearing. >> a "saturday night live" skit when i was reading his daily guidance of the schedule, these meetings are closed. next meeting, closed to the press. next meeting, this lunch is closed to the press. i guess there's a new definition of transparency in webster's dictionary. at the same time, i found this fascinating. pelosi and hoyer in talking
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about health care, all those meetings were closed door as well. they put out this statement yesterday saying this -- the house democratic leadership is committed to have the final health care legislation on line for 72 hours before the house votes for all members and the american people to review. we will continue the transparent process. this landmark legislation has had for months. news flash, folks, you're suddenly going to be let in. you're suddenly going to be let in to see but it's already going to be settled for you. you have 72 hours to see what the final thing is before the final vote is cast. >> yeah. 500 pages a day. >> yeah. >> anyway -- >> new definition of transparency. >> tale of two cities. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. what else is happening? believe it or not, there is other news. >> fox news alert, up to eight army officers could be punished for their role in the events leading up to the fort hood shootings. a report on the rampage will be released today. it's expected to say that the officers didn't do anything when suspected shooter army major nadal hasan displayed erratic behavior early in his military
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career. the officers supervised him when he was a medical student and during his work as an army psychiatrist. all airlines flying to the u.s. or within the country are being told by homeland security to prepare for even tighter security. it's because of new al-qaida threats from yemen. the u.s. is putting more air marshalls on international flights and pressing for more random screenings at the airports. officials say they don't have any specific information on where and when those kinds of attacks may occur. we're just alluding to this a moment ago, the massachusetts senate race, getting even closer now. a new poll showing a major shift in favor of the republican candidate and a potential disaster for president obama in tuesday's special election. a suffolk university survey shows scott brown, a republican state senator with 50% of the vote in the race to fill ted kennedy's vacant senate seat. democrat martha coakley has 46% according to this poll. coakley, the attorney general, once led by double digits. sources at nbc tell "the washington post" that jay leno
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is set to return to "the tonight show" at 11:35 after the winter olympics next month. that's unless conan o'brien has a change of heart and agrees to keep his show but move 1/2 hour later. leno and o'brien keeps taking swipes at each other, though, and their own network. >> all the controversy going on here at nbc, actually "the tonight show" with conan o'brien's ratings have gone up. they've gone up. so you're welcome. >> of course, everybody knows nbc and i are having a little tiff right now, yeah, a little lover's quarrel, if you will. there's a rumor, this came out today, there's a rumor that nbc is so upset with me, they want to keep me off the air for three years. >> boo! >> yeah. yeah, my response to that is if nbc doesn't want people to see me, just leave me on nbc. >> that's awesome! that is a great line. >> i think conan has been more
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funny this week than he's been in a long time. nbc wants to work out the problems and have the schedule in place by february 12th and that's when the olympics begin. >> next week could be conan's last new show. meanwhile, flock of birds brought down u.s. airways flight 1549 one year ago today in the hudson river. is enough being done to keep us safe and stop this from happening? the bird strikes. we'll talk about that next. >> he's only 8 years old and on the government's no fly list. you got to hear this one. can't get him off. he was so dangerous. it's not fun. my dry skin is deep down uncomfortable. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena moisture wrap body lotion wraps and seals hydration deep inside, improving skin's condition 2x more than eucerin original. heal on a deeper level. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion.
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>> all right. remember that scene when indiana jones gave the nazis the bird? well, that was just a movie but what happened one year ago today was real. today marks the anniversary of the miracle on the hudson when flight 1549 landed after a bird strike. we are learning that the official government tally for bird strikes in the u.s. could hit 10,000. that works out to 27 bird strikes each and every day. joining us right now from minneapolis is john ostrem, the
6:18 am
chairman of bird strike committee u.s.a. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> first of all, it's hard to believe it's already been a year since we watched those incredible pictures of that plane floating down the hudson. but every time i've taken off from laguardia, i have held my breath for a couple of minutes as i'm sure people across the country have wondering is this going to be the one? is it safe to fly considering the number of bird strikes? >> actually, it is. even though it looks like we're going to break the 10,000 limit this year or next -- last year, 2009, the majority of the strikes that occur result in minimal but more than likely no damage at all to the aircraft. >> yeah, but looking at your web site, i saw that birds as small as a robin have been able to bring down planes in the past. >> there is that potential, yes. a bird hitting an aircraft in the right -- in the right location causing damage can result in significant damage to
6:19 am
an airplane because of additional actions being taken by the flight crew or because of damage to the airplane. >> sure. now, one of the things about sully's flight a year ago today, john, is the fact that it was brought down by big canada geese. a lot of the problems with these migratory bird paths, these birds are protected so in some cases, there's not a lot we can do to get the birds away from the airplanes as they take off and land. >> you know, on the airport -- the airports do a lot of activities to move wildlife away from the runway environment. birds -- most birds are protected under the migratory bird treaty act by the federal government but they do authorize the use of take, actual lethal control against birds if they pose a threat to human life or property. >> gotcha. all right. john ostrom, thank you very much for joining us on this anniversary of the splashdown in the hudson. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve.
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>> all right. it is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. president reagan reminded us that the united states created the federal government. so when did the federal government get all the power? judge andrew napolitano is here to wrap up his week long series, "the constitution and freedom" and today, he'll talk about the states. and then the f.b.i., age progressed osama bin laden. wait until you see what he might look like today. ♪
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>> today, sadly, is the final installment of judge andrew napolitano's five part series "the constitution and freedom". the judge looks at the changing role of the states. >> one of the beauties of our federal system was the difference between the states.
6:24 am
if you didn't like the taxes in massachusetts, you could move to new hampshire. if you objected to all the pervasive government in new jersey you could move to pennsylvania. as president reagan once put it, you could vote with your feet. this is no longer true. the congress has so usurped power from the states, the le legislation and outright bribery, you can hardly tell the difference from one state to the other. will we ever return to the freedom and choices we once enjoyed? >> here with us -- sorry, go ahead. >> when did this change, judge andrew napolitano, voice of reason? >> what you and i were just talking about shortly after the civil war when the federal government got such draconian concessions from the seven states as a condition to them returning and the federal government began to regulate things that the states regulated. here's the most offensive thing. if the federal government wants the states to do something but it doesn't have the power to tell them to do, it bribes them!
6:25 am
you want route 80 in new jersey repaved? here's $100 million to repave route 80. while you're at it, raise the minimum wage and raise the drinking age and lower the voting age. i mean, i'm just giving you some wild examples of something and the speed limit. i'm giving you wild examples of the way the states did things. we talked about if you went to the legislature of new jersey and said here's $100 million you'd be arrested for bribery but the federal government does it. each time it does it, it takes power away from the states, makes them more uniform. and you can't do what ronald reagan once said which is vote with your feet. go live where you like the laws. >> because most of the members of congress would be behind bars right now when i'm thinking about health care reform and all the bribes that have happened with that. >> well, you were talking about bribes just a few minutes ago. the labor unions have been bribed not to -- not to resist. senator ben nelson arguably was bribed in order to get his vote. senator blanch lincoln arguably
6:26 am
was bribed to get her vote. >> you know, judge, this has been a great series and it's a real eye opener and people can look at it on line and we'll tell them where in a minute. in the beginning, the constitution was a relatively pure thing. but the government has so morphed in a million different directions, it's a lot different than it was back then. >> the government does not draw people to it who love freedom. it draws people to it who love power. when the country started out, we had the jeffersons there who were interested in -- this is all we're going to do and the rest of it is up to individuals. it's now the opposite. we'll do everything we can to regulate you unless there's something in there that prohibits it so it's almost an inverse of the way the original constitution was written. it will take a generation of people looking at this and realizing what went wrong in order to change it back to the way it used to be which is a lot more freedom, freedom of choice for everyone. >> people want to see the whole series, where is it? >> they can go to
6:27 am
today and get part 5. all next week, they can get all five parts. >> fantastic. >> luckily, a lot of schools are interested. maybe there will be a generational shift. >> the kicker was the jail in texas. we have had a lot of schools. >> i thought it was interesting, they asked for a copy but they also asked for a file? >> that i don't know. >> taking the file. >> i don't have any of those records from the old days. >> all right. >> is where you can see it all. >> thanks. have a great day and a great weekend. >> right now, orlando salinas just arrived in port-au-prince, haiti and drove overnight from the dominican republic and joins us live on the telephone. good morning to you. >> it was an interesting ride in. i can tell you, we were at the border crossing from the dominican into haiti in a small little town, a little hamlet, if you will, and overnight at one point, you could hear a lot of
6:28 am
the haitians trying to cross over the border. there was a lot of yelling. a lot of screaming. but the dominican military there will not allow these folks to pass and correctly so. they didn't have any papers. they have nothing but you have to have -- they're trying to get the hell out of haiti. i can tell you this much, also, on the other side, once they crossed the dominican border where you would suspect haiti would have something at that board, there was nothing. it was completely empty and barren. we came to port-au-prince, it's about 160 miles port to port from where we were at and we passed the u.s. embassy, the new u.s. embassy, if you will, and right in the middle of a shanti town, so many of the other buildings, gretchen, right, almost next to the u.s. embassy collapsed. the u.s. embassy itself, you can tell it was built well, correctly, with wonderful
6:29 am
foundations, standing straight and strong. it is an incredible picture to look at of how we build things and how they build things here in haiti. they are built in many cases, without a whole lot of cement or concrete. they just put stuff up and it shakes and rattles and rolls. we made our way past a cemetery that was also decimated and then as we got a little bit closer into the city itself, there was a large tent city, if you will, in the middle of a park. they have beautiful parks here. they're exceptional. they're wonderful looking and now they've all really just -- they're looking bad but now people have started to make their homes there. when we got here, probabthere w another aftershock and at that point, a lot of the folks who are haitians who are in the area that we're at jumped out of their homes where they were staying and jumped into their vehicles because they felt it
6:30 am
was safer to be there than be anywhere inside a structure. that aftershock was small. and for a lot of those vehicles, right now, to cover this event, they sort of slept right through and didn't move but the people who are here and anxious and know the ground. they say they felt it. they bolted out and got into their cars. gretchen? >> right. what a trip coming over from the dominican republic, orlando salinas reporting to us now. he's just arrived in port-au-prince, the capital of haiti that was devastated in this horrible earthquake, the worst in 200 years. i can only imagine, guys, when he -- when the light comes up this morning, what he's going to see even more of the devastation. >> if you have a family and you want to survivor, aren't you going to head to the dominican? this could be a real refugee crisis right at the border. coming up straight ahead, the f.b.i. used cutting edge technology to age progress osama bin laden. waited until you see his mug shot. what he looks like now more than likely. >> he's only 8 years old. he's a cub scout and likes to
6:31 am
ride his bike after school. what the heck is he doing on the united states no fly list? we'll tell you that crazy tale straight ahead. >> first happy birthday to chad lowe, the actor is 42 today.
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protects them. it doesn't. stop pretending. it can happen to you. protect your home with flood insurance. call the number on your screen... for your free brochure. >> half past the hour. fox news alert for you. tens of thousands feared dead in haiti this morning. rescue efforts and evacuations
6:34 am
are under way and new and dramatic images released overnight like this new jersey woman who was pulled from underneath a hotel. this as six members of the team from lynn university including four students and two faculty remain unaccounted for. the other students along with other americans have been taken to the dominican republic. president obama has already reached out to the president of the dr to thank him for providing assistance and aid to americans escaping haiti. >> meanwhile, in washington, president obama is keeping a close eye on the relief efforts. caroline schively is there with the very latest. we understand that the president yesterday pledged $100 million in aid down the pike. >> exactly right, steve and that's just for the short term. he actually said that price, he knows, will go up as haiti tries to claw its way out of this hole in the long term. president received an update at 10:15 last night on relief efforts and search and rescue on
6:35 am
the ground. planes came in yesterday faster than crews could unload them. on board those planes, water, food, tents and rescue equipment. getting them through the streets covered with rubble and bodies is a massive challenge. as of late yesterday afternoon, u.s. cell phone users have donated more than $5 million to the red cross for relief. the largest amount raised by texting ever. and it came in just $10 increments. compare that to after katrina when they collected $400,000 by cell phone text. donations have been coming in at $200,000 an hour. former presidents bill clinton and george w bush are helping to coordinate fundraising efforts and michelle obama has done a public service announcement for the red cross. >> we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting haiti to 90999. visit or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help.
6:36 am
>> mtv is planning a telethon for earthquake relief. george clooney is helping to organize. the details are being worked out on that one. it could air next week. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> thank you very much. if you would like more information on reaching people or how to help, the u.s. department of state has set up a phone number. it is 888-407-4747. >> all right, now some other headlines. let's start today, the big banks are set to pay out a record $145 billion in bonuses for 2009. some americans outraged by this. president obama looking to ease some of that anger, promoting a 15% tax on the banks that remained or have remained or have returned to profitability. now, the president vowing to get back every dollar spent on the bailout. >> my determination to achieve this goal is only heightened when i see reports of massive profits and obscene bonuses in some of the very firms that owe their continued existence to the american people.
6:37 am
>> most of those firms have paid back their money. the responsibility fees, they're calling it, are being assessed only against the banks that have already paid back with interest the tarp money they got. so essentially they're paying back for the banks, they're paying back for fannie and freddie, paying back for the cars, really. not the week one still in the red that continue to be a drain on the treasury, for example, citibank. >> they call it a fee. it's really a tax. what does osama bin laden look like today? using high-tech digital enhancement, the f.b.i. has published age progressed mug shots of what the terror leader would probably look like today. one version of bin laden seen in the middle shows him with a full head of gray and black hair. and a trimmed beard. no photo had ever shown him without a headdress. well, the third shot of bin laden on the right shows him with a long, flowing beard although much grayer than we have seen in the past. >> all right, two chicago men face federal terrorism charges after being accused of helping plan those deadly 2008 attacks
6:38 am
in mumbai, india. they submitted the indictment and say one attended terrorism training camps in pakistan and had surveillance of mumbai targets. they are both in federal custody at this hour. >> cub scouting catholic third grader miky hicks is stuck on, get this, the tsa's no fly list and it's all because of his name. mikey has paid the price since he was born, whenever his family flies, the family has written letters to the tsa and even hired an attorney to get mikey off the list but all to no avail. >> it's like dumb for an 8-year-old to like get patted down. >> obviously, an 8-year-old is not a terrorist. he could have -- he could throw a fit sometimes, let me tell you, but he's certainly not trying to blow up any planes. >> the tsa has only instructed
6:39 am
the family to fill out some forms. his mom has even started a get mikey off the list facebook fan page. i like that mom. >> that is just nuts! meanwhile, the world's tallest man meets the world's shortest man. sulton is 8'1" tall while the other is only 2'5". at one point, they placed the littler man on a table so they could see eye to eye. the two met in the country of turkey during the opening of a guiness world records show. kosin also holds the record for the largest hands and the biggest feet. wonder who makes the big shoes. >> i'm not sure, i think the little guy could fit in his pocket. hey, i got to tell you what happened so far in the nba with this controversy, with this gun situation with the wizards. wizards guard gilbert arenas in a lot of trouble scheduled to appear in court to answer a felony charge of carrying a
6:40 am
pistol without a license. it has to do with an incident last month that he confronted a player in the locker room with a gun. there's word of a plea deal reached where he will not serve any time in jail. the nba star has been suspended indefinitely without pay until the situation is resolved. it's not clear if it will impact his $111 million contract. well, march madness comes to the nba. the jazz hosting lebron and the cavaliers of cleveland. jazz down two with five seconds left. great marv albert with the call. listen! >> down to two, down to one. yes! >> that was his first nba three-pointer of his career. the jazz win a regular season game? 97-96. i hope you're feeling it. and that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. >> all right, fine. thanks very much. this story was a once in a
6:41 am
lifetime opportunity. a six month stint as caretaker of a tropical island off of australia. so he beat out more than 34,000 appear applicants to win the best job in the world contest. all good things must come to an end. >> after six months of great adventures as the caretaker of the island in the great barrier reef, this amazing chapter of my life is slowly but surely drawing to a close. >> looks like hard work. >> and ben joins us now along with queensland premier, good morning to both of you. i remember when this first happened, ben, so many people wanted this job and the way in which it was advertised was that you would feed the fish, clean the pool, deliver the mail and watch the whales. >> did some of that and more. >> and more. because really it was a tough job, wasn't it? >> it was certainly a job. it wasn't a holiday. a lot of people thought i was going to be in a hammock on a beach doing nothing but there was a side about telling people with queensland, all about the islands of the barrier reef and
6:42 am
that was my job to go experience it and document it. >> we worked him very hard. >> yeah. >> and look, it's hard work being on this tropical island for half of a year particularly when you're stung by what was that? a jelly fish? >> i had a little tiny experience with a jelly fish, yeah, overnight in the hospital but out the next day so i've learned from the experience. >> were you near death? >> no, i was on morphine so i was fine. >> ok. >> have you talked to the premiere city next to you for some sort of disability now. >> the contract actually, i'm doing more work for queensland and i'll be working for another 18 months to tell everybody about my experience for the islands. i'm feeling very lucky. >> in terms of leadership books, did you think he should write one? did you see a lot of, you know, absolute monarch in him? >> ben has been terrific. what we hope is that he become the lifelong ambassador telling people for the rest of his life what a great experience he's had. he's already done a terrific job
6:43 am
of bringing people to that part of australia which is so beautiful and so many people know about it but i think they look at their brochures and they think, it looks like a great adventure. how do i do that? and ben has done a wonderful job of making it easier for particularly families, how do i make that happen? >> congratulations to you and your marketing people on coming up with this idea. >> yeah. >> you got a trillion dollars worth of free publicity coming to queensland. ben and anna bligh, premier of queensland, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> good day. >> we hope to see you there one day. >> ready to go. >> sure. >> thank you. >> hope to see you. come and snorkle. >> thank you. pat robertson sparking outrage after saying why he thinks the earthquake hit haiti. >> they got together and swore a pact to the devil. they said we will serve you if you get us -- >> father jonathan morris is here to react to that. >> hey, it was caught on tape. a wal-mart greeter attacked by a customer. incredibly when he fought back,
6:44 am
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6:46 am
and ask your doctor if viagra is right for you. >> glad you're up. welcome to friday. here's your news by the numbers. first, 11:55 the scientists have set the doomsday for, a theoretical time before human destruction. that would be us. this is the first time the clock was moved backwards done to reflect a more hopeful state of world affairs.
6:47 am
next, $5.5 billion, that's how much money was spent worldwide on video games last month. put to good use and $100,000, that was the top prize for this year's lg mobile world texting competition. two south korean teens were the winners. steve? >> thank you, brian. the white house is calling pat robertson's comments utterly stupid after he seemed to suggest that the people of haiti brought this week's devastating earthquake upon themselves. here's what robertson said on his christian broadcasting network program. >> and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. they said, we will serve you if you'll get us free from the prince. true story. and so the devil said ok, it's a deal. and they kicked the french out of, you know, the haitians revolted and got themselves free. but ever since, they have been curse the by one thing after the
6:48 am
other desperately poor. that island of hispanol is one island. >> father jonathan morris, fox news religion contributor is here to analyze those statements. when you hear that as a man of the cloth, what do you think? >> i think all of us shiver and in part because dr. robertson has done great things in his life. i remember my grandparents sitting there watching "the 700 club" and being inspired by his faith. something has happened here. it was absolutely irresponsible and i think like the white house said, rather stupid. looney, and you know what? this is in a whole line of recent statements by dr. robertson, not just in the last month but years that have been totally out of line. remember when he predicted in 2007 there was going to be a catastrophic terrorist attack on the united states that was something like nuclear, he said. he w
6:49 am
he was prophecying, i believe in that but we can too big for our britches. >> i read what he was trying to explain. in 1791, the french controlled haiti. and lore or legend has it that the locals, the haitians made a pact with the devil, you know. people do anything, get rid of the french. the french left and that supposedly started the 200 years -- >> it's legend and maybe even if it did happen, it has nothing to do with what's going on right now in haiti. let me say, some people who would suggest and i think what dr. robertson is suggesting, anything that somebody suffers is because they've done something wrong or that god is out to get them. that is a false gospel. look at jesus christ suffered the ultimate suffering. being crucified and that brought redemption. the whole basis, the foundation of such a statement is out of line, irresponsible and somebody needs to rein him in for the good of his own legacy. he's a good man, i believe. >> here's the statement, actual from the christian broadcasting network. dr. robertson never stated that the earthquake was god's wrath.
6:50 am
if you watch the entire video segment, dr. robertson's compassion for the people of haiti is clear. >> i don't doubt he has compassion for the people of haiti but he was out of line. >> it was odd. it was odd. >> absolutely. >> all right. thank you very much. >> always good to see you. >> straight ahead, he was fired for fighting back. we'll talk to a former wal-mart greeter right at the front of the store who was let go for defending himself against the customer who took a swing at him. >> they're calling it now veggie gate? the food network admits that it fibbed about an episode featuring the first lady, michelle obama. concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the ntal. what if i'm stuck at the office? if you can't come to us, we'll come to you in one of our immediate response vehicles! what if mother won't let me drive? then you probably
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> should be warned, this is
6:54 am
really going to tick you off. a 69-year-old wal-mart greeter says he was fired for fighting back. here's the video. it shows him being attacked by a customer. he now says the incident cost him his job. he got fired. ed joins us live from orlando. ed, re-create the scene that had you following that customer out to his car. >> well, if you've never shopped at wal-mart, you know there's certain items that have magnetic strips on them that set the alarm off. they're deactivated at the cash register. >> sure. >> and when they're not deactivated, they set the alarm off and we'll ask you, could we please see your receipt? >> so this guy walked through and set the alarm off, right? >> yes, sir. >> what did you do, follow him? >> i asked for his receipt. he flashed something. and walked out the door. about 2 1/2, three years ago, we had a co-manager with a meeting told us that if they walk out,
6:55 am
don't try to stop them. follow them out, get the information on their car, what kind of car it is, what color, the license plate and that's what i was doing. >> so you grabbed a clipboard and went out to the car and started writing down his license plate. what his reaction when you did that? >> well, he pulled up and asked me what i was doing. and i told him i was getting the information on his car it turn into security so he could give it to the police. and he got back in his car, started to leave and that's when i got his license plate number. and he gets back out of his car, comes in and grabs the clipboard from my hand and starts tearing the log sheets out of the clipboard and that's when we're scuffling for it and during the scuffle, that's when he sucker punched me behind the ear and i swank back. >> and you swang back and judging by the video, you hit him in the chest. he pulls the clipboard away and cuts your hand and you find a couple of days later, you have
6:56 am
been fired? >> well, i went to work on monday, worked monday. and tuesday morning, i came to work at about 10:00, i got called back into the manager's office. >> right. >> and there was two individuals there that i've never seen before. and the store manager gave me a tablet, told me to write down what happened saturday. sign it, date it. and after i did that, he said i was suspended pending -- >> couple of days later, you get fired and they wrote on your thing, not hirable. here's what wal-mart says. while we appreciate his intentions, mr. bauman's actions put his safety and, perhaps, of the safety of our customers this jeopardy and in the case, violated company property of how we treat people in our stores. as an unfortunate result of these circumstances, bauman is no longer employed by our company. lor owns o lorenzo lopez, director of media relations. if you get punched you're at
6:57 am
least have to return fire. you're trying to protect property and you deserve your job back! >> well, like i said, they said i was not hirable. so i'll get another job, it probably won't be with wal-mart. >> i'll tell you what, i would look to hire you. any department store would look to hire you. you do your job. if there's any justice, and wal-mart is watching, they got to call you up and bring you back with a raise. thanks, ed. >> have a good day. >> all right. ed bauman. meanwhile, straight ahead, two hours left of "fox & friends." here's what we lead with. live pictures right now in the airport in haiti. yes, it is completely overwhelmed. what's being done to restore order? who is going to help out? the army and the marines are on their way. and the miracle on the hudson took place one year ago today. we'll tell you how captain sully is marking the occasion.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. friday, january 15, 2010. thanks for sharing your time today. dramatic new video coming out of haiti overnight as the window closes to find those still alive. many dramatic rescues like this one, we are live there with the very latest. >> while you were sleeping, president obama striked a health care deal with the unions. so they won't have to pay? does that seem right to you? we'll break down what happened behind closed doors.
7:01 am
>> meanwhile, it's being called veggie-gate or perhaps garden gate. iron chef and the food network apparently fibbed when it came to food and that woman, the first lady. details straight ahead. it's quite a tale. bobby must not be happy about this. our sloping gan this hour comes cory in north carolina. i woke up this morning and climbed out of bed with visions of "fox & friends" dancing in my head. >> start this morning with the fox news alert because cuba is now allowing the u.s. to use its airspace to evacuate haiti quake victims from guantanamo bay to miami. that's according to the white house. the death toll in haiti climbing this morning with tens of thousands feared dead. rescue workers are trying to pull survivors from the rubble. like this man at the united nations building. but they say bodies are piling in the streets and people are
7:02 am
desperate for help. the u.s. military taking charge and conducting a major response now to the devastation in that country. so far, two search and rescue teams are on the ground and coast guard cutters are there with air lifts under way. the uss vincent is expected to arrive today with supplies and 2200 marines are on the way and even more soldiers expected to arrive next week. >> now, to haiti where jonathan hunt is live at port-au-prince, the airport with the latest on the rescue efforts jonathan, i know right now because the seaport has been damaged severely. they can't really bring the big ships in so they've got to rely on the airplanes but the problem is it's just a one strip airport. the air traffic control tower has been destroyed. yesterday, at one point, a dozen planes were circling while 44 were on the ground waiting to be refueled. what's going on today? >> yeah, there is a major backup, steve. it is a problem. part of the airport was damaged. there are planes coming in pretty much every few minutes
7:03 am
but there is simply a limit to how many they can get in here at a time, how many they can have on the ground, how much space there is on the tarmac, even how many sets of stairs they have to get to those aircraft to then start off loading them so there's a major problem with that. the u.s. marines are taking over the running of the airport. they are doing obviously everything they can but there are simple logistical problems that they have to overcome and they cannot get every plane they would like in here as quickly as they want to. the other problem that we are already seeing, steve, while the aid is getting on the ground here, the food, the water, the medical supplies, the tents for shelter, the urban rescue team, getting everything out on the streets of port-au-prince in a disciplined and safe fashion is another matter all together. there were isolated incidents yesterday of some aid being handed out on the streets. but we saw very little of it. no real coordinated plan as yet. that does not mean that people
7:04 am
aren't doing everything they can to make it happen. it just means that right now, the food, the water, the medicines are not getting out there in the quantities that they are desperately needed and i have to say, steve, i get the sense having spent many, many hours on the streets of port-au-prince that this might be the make or break 24 hours for this country. there was a sense of calm, a sense of determination among many haitians yesterday. yes, we saw some isolated incidents of looting. yes, there are isolated incidents of gang violence but they are just that, isolated incidents for now. but as these people get more desperate, as they get more and more need for water, for food, for medicine, that may change. we have seen the capacity that haiti has for violence so often in the past, in the 2004 coup, in the food riots of 2008, it could end up like that again if those supplies do not get to the people very quickly. we are in a desperate but relatively calm situation right now. it could very easily become a desperate and desperately
7:05 am
violent one if that aid is not put literally into the hands of people. 24 hours maybe will be ok. if it slips to 48, i'll tell you this, i would not want to be the person standing in the back of the truck handing out those bottles of water. that could literally be a death sentence. it is a race against time, steve, everybody has to do every single thing they can. the u.s. marines, the military are doing what they can. but it has to get out there. this aid very, very quickly or this situation will deteriorate rapidly. >> you're talking about the aid but also digging the people out. yesterday, they did get the president of the senate out of the parliament building and he was badly banged up and had to get hauled over to a hospital in the dominican republic. >> yeah. yes, steve. a lot of the urban rescue teams we've seen coming in here, one just arrived as i was talking to you, in fact. they are getting out there.
7:06 am
but you are talking about thousands upon thousands -- when this quake hit, there were probably dozens if not hundreds of people in that shopping mall. probably almost every single one of them is buried beneath that rubble. further up the same street, an apartment building, probably four or five stories, the same fate it has suffered. probably dozens of people in there. and that is a story told again and again and again on almost every street in port-au-prince. getting to every one of them. getting those bodies out before they rot is very difficult inde indeed. finding survivors almost impossible and the stench of death is beginning to hang over port-au-prince. steve? >> jonathan, i'm wondering about the heavy machinery. i mean, have you seen tractors, have you seen backhoes? have you seen things that could -- that could open up these roads or do you just see people?
7:07 am
one word answer for that, steve, no. we are not seeing any of the kind of heavy equipment at least on the streets that we have been up and down and we've been up and down many of them in this city. i did not see any of that kind of machinery that could help in the operation. what we saw were isolated pockets of people digging with their bare hands, digging for the relatives, digging for their friends. but they are digging generally, steve, with a -- and brian, with a small sense of hope but an increasing sense of reality that they are not going to find those people alive. we now remember moving on and on and on from the moment that quake hit to find anybody alive beneath those piles of rubble now would quite simply be a miracle. >> all right, jonathan hunt at the airport in port-au-prince where it is a race against time. jonathan, thank you very much. >> if you'd like more information on reaching people or how to help, state department has set up a phone number to call. that number is 888-407-4747.
7:08 am
in the meantime, let's talk about what happened as well on the home front overnight while you were sleeping. you'll be waking up to find out that a big deal has been cut on health care reform with the president in a closed door meeting with members of congress from 9:45 p.m. last night until well after midnight into the morning hours of friday, today, what was the deal that was cut? it was a deal that was cut with the unions. remember in the last couple of days, the leaders of the union had come to capitol hill and said hey, we don't want this massive health care tax on these cadillac plans that we provide to our members. so you know what happened? they will now be exempt from paying that tax until at least 2018. four years into this health care plan. what does that mean for the rest of americans? specifically in the middle class who also have some of these health care plans? looks like you guys are going to be paying the tax. >> wait a second, they have to make up a $60 billion shortfall in their theoretical budget
7:09 am
where we'll cut the deficit to the new health care project. where will they get the $60 million? probably raise taxes somewhere else. they haven't done the balancing of the books. if you're a neighbor and making the same amount as the other neighbor who happens to be in the union, you'll start paying the 40% tax on your health plan in 2013, five years before your union neighbors. that seems relatively unfair. now, add to that, too, you could take vision and dental will not be taxed on these so-called cadillac plans. tuesday, they let them know that we're still going to tax the cadillac mranplans. on thursday, all the leadership got a call. come to the white house, last night at 9:00 we have a major breakthrough. >> sure. so to recap, just because the unions said to the president over the last couple of weeks, you know what? we really can't support this because you'll tax our members
7:10 am
who worked very hard for these good so-called cadillac plans, we're going to have to vote against you, mr. president. and so what have they done? the white house has done a 180 and said, you know what? we cannot exempt you forever so we will exempt you until 2018. it is clearly a bribe. same kind of bribe that the great state of nebraska and louisiana got and who knows how many other back door deals were done to get people to vote. >> you can go all the way back to the car dealerships going into bankruptcy because the unions got a bribe and a deal in that whole situation. here's what the white house is saying with regard to this meeting that happened last night and pay attention to the language of this. the president and congressional leaders continue to work through the differences in the health bill. they made solid progress towards a final package including, here's the line, commonsense adjustments that strengthen the legislation and make sure it works for middle-class families while bringing down costs and expanding coverage to millions of americans. commonsense adjustments is what
7:11 am
the white house is calling, what some people might see as a bribe to the unions. >> ok, so why is suddenly the white house working overtime and in overdrive? could it be what's happening in massachusetts? because could health care hang in the balance? remember, massachusetts has been a reliably blue state for many, many years. however, until now. scott brown who is a state senator up there is against right now the attorney general, martha coakley and there is a shocking poll out this morning, the suffolk news survey shows that the challenger, mr. brown is up by 4 points. that is within the margin of error but nonetheless, this was supposed to be a cake walk for her and it looks as if the people of the great state and the commonwealth of massachusetts are just sick and tired of what's going on in washington. >> and the political ramifications are far reaching because, of course, he would be the 41st vote possibly against health care if he wins the
7:12 am
election and if he would actually be seated in time to make any difference on that. couple other headlines for you this morning, fox news alert, the obama administration considering now a criminal trial in washington for the guantanamo bay detainee suspected of planning the bodies mbings of a nightclub. one of the most notorious terrorism suspects would be steps from the u.s. capitol. he was allegedly bin laden's point man in indonesia. the special advisor to the head of the world health organization says the u.n. agency did not overstate the threat from swine flu. complaints are surfacing that the who came up with a pandemic idea to indicate to hcater to t pharmaceutical companies. they say it's nonsense, the pandemic is certainly real and health agencies reacted to it correctly. vice president joe biden heads to new orleans today to announce steps that the administration plans to take to beef up the recovery effort in that area. the gulf coast is trying to get back on its feet after hurricanes katrina and rita.
7:13 am
biden wants to highlight things that have already been done for that area and tomorrow, he goes to south florida to meet with the haitian community leaders there. can you believe it's already been a year ago today the world got to know captain chesley sullenberger? that's when he made the miracle landing on the hudson river savoring all 155 people on board his u.s. airways flight 1549. today, they all go back to the site and in about an hour, they'll have breakfast to thank the first responders and the red cross. then they are going to meet the boat crews to board one of the ferries used that day and they're going to return to the exact spot where they were plucked from that icy water. and at 3:31 p.m., the moment of impact, they will raise glasses in a toast to life. and having interviewed a couple of those people, i think they're going to hug each other, too. >> brace for impact. ok, hard to believe it's already been a year. meanwhile, how does the president plan to pay for the massive bailout? he wants to tax the banks. but will that just be passed down to us the customers? the political panel is going to weigh in on that coming up next.
7:14 am
>> are these parents being overprotective or just smart? they sent their kids to school in a bulletproof vest. tell you about that. >> and hats. and now i know without enough, but there's one that makes your skin look better even after you take it off. 98% of women who tried neutrogena healthy skin makeup thought so. does your makeup do that? neutrogena cosmetics.
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7:16 am
>> we just told you about that late night deal president obama reached with the labor union that is going to exempt workers from being taxed on health care plans. so did the rest of us just pick
7:17 am
up the bill so that democrats can have union support in the 2010 elections? let's ask our political panel that question. erica payne, senior advisor, and noelle, a republican political media consultant. all right, panel, this happened in the dead of the night. a lot of people woke up this morning, first time they're hearing it. deal struck. noel, they're giving it back to the unions, right? they won't have to pay taxes on this plan. >> it's the chicago style politics, pay to play, alive and well once again and you know what's really sad is c span was cut out of it. one thing president obama promised us was transparency. >> in a sense, it was transparency. we should have seen this coming from a mile way. they talk about the haves vs. the have nots. the people who have health care vs. those who didn't. it's now gone to the connected vs. the unconnected. the unions, the unions are
7:18 am
connected, they are part and parcel of the democratic base and they said, you know, we don't want to pay the taxes that the other working people have to pay. and so -- and so the democrats -- the only thing they can do is go along with it. >> wasn't this like the bribes that went out to certain senators to get it during the first go around? this is another bribe, isn't it? >> it's not another bribe. i think that you have to ask yourself, is we made a decision as a country that we have things that we're going to pay for collectively and so we have to have a way to pay for those, whether it's national defense or whatever. so somebody is going to get taxed and so the question is -- >> some made the decision, more than half of the american public doesn't want this. >> that's right. >> well, we made a decision to prepare for our national defense to have, you know -- >> and everybody pays -- everybody pays the same. everybody pays the same. >> why are they having to bribe louisiana, nebraska? >> the question is -- >> cut deals. >> the question is -- are you going to tax the firefighter or are you going to tax the banker?
7:19 am
>> no, no. >> are you going to tax -- >> it's -- it actually comes down to, are you going to tax a firefighter or are you going to, you know, going to be taxing somebody down the street who is not a member of the union? that's what it comes down to. >> i understand the concern and it's an easy soundbite to say but the people who haved cadillac plans who are middle class families are typically people who are in really high risk jobs. and they need those cadillac plans. the other people who have -- i mean, i don't have a cadillac plan. i don't know if you guys do. >> i don't have a cadillac plan. >> who represent the middle class people? they don't have the privilege to call a press conference in the middle of the afternoon and get a private meeting with the president of the united states. >> who is going to represent middle class america? >> middle class people are not the people who have these cadillac plans. those are two kinds of people that have the cadillac plans. first kind is union workers who have a really high risk job,
7:20 am
firefighters. >> union workers are not middle class. >> they are middle class. but they are the middle class people who actually have the cadillac plans. and what we're saying is that people who have really high risk jobs that need cadillac plans in order to live. they should be exempt from that tax. should be exempt from that tax because they're working in a coal mine. >> the unions that were at the table were the powerful unions like the teachers union which i love teachers but they are not what you consider high risk. >> a lot of our viewers out there have those types of plans and they're not in the union. let us know. email us to let us know. we have to go to the next topic even though this has been very heated. the proceeds is vowing to get all that bailout money back from the banks so he's come up with a financial responsibility fee for the banks but is it really just a tax? we'll ask the panel. and a high school student was just completing his prebiology homework, little did he know, it would actually save a little girl's life. find out how this miracle went down.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> my determination to achieve this goal is only heightened when i see reports of massive profits and obscene bonuses of the firms that owe their continued existence to the american people. >> that was president obama vowing to give back every dollar spent on the bank bailouts. who will stuck with this new bank tax? we're back with our panel, erica payne, robert george and noelle. erica, let me start with you on this onement a lot of people are saying that this was sort of a knee jerk reaction, this tax on banks, to the american public waking up and finding out that wall street was going to get these massive bonuses when the taxpayer bailed them out. >> yeah, the taxpayer definitely bailed them out but i mean, the thing about this fee is that it goes about a 10th of the way that it should go towards getting our money out from the people that we just rescued.
7:25 am
they're about to pay out $600,000 per banker in bonuses. and that is our taxpayer money, whether it was through the back door bailout at aig or the bailout that we gave them. and so when we look at what we actually need to do, this is a tiny piece of what's coming from the taxpayers. >> a lot of banks first of all, were already starting to pay back some of the tarp funds. so one wonders why this was -- this was necessary. you also have this other situation where we're talking -- >> but when you talk about paying back the tarp funds, i think this is so important, the bankers -- we would have lost about $120 billion in the tarp money that the banks are responsible for. but this is the issue -- the issue is that they did not cost us $120 billion. they cost us about a trillion dollars and one out of 10 workers are out of work right now. >> but the -- the issue -- the issue here is it's not just the banks that have gotten bailed out.
7:26 am
we talked about this during the break. you know, the car companies have got bailouts. >> car companies aren't paying their workers $100,000 per person in bonuses for money that they don't owe in taxpayer money. >> this is the problem -- the initial problem obviously was the bailout in the first place. now, you're just making up these ad hoc rules as you go along. remember, as we were talking about in the health care debate a few minutes ago, you need another revenue stream. you realize that you can't -- >> noelle, brings me back to the original question which is was -- was this tax a knee jerk reaction to the american public saying wait a minute, all those banks are going to get those kinds of bonuses and a knee jerk reaction to what robert is saying, we need money now because we're going to cut a deal with the unions on health care. >> absolutely. absolutely. this is nothing but a knee jerk reaction and let me tell you something else, this could actually affect the outcome of the massachusetts race which we're looking at which right now brown is gaining some ground. >> the republican against the attorney general who many thought was just going to be a
7:27 am
slam dunk. >> but here's the thing. say it's a knee jerk reaction, you know? >> it's a knee jerk reaction. >> say it's a knee jerk reaction. the knee jerk reaction is to, oh, you know, fine the banks about $100 billion for what they cost us which is about a trillion dollars or taxing a firefighter. >> pass that down to the consumers. >> they've already passed it down to the consumers. 16 million homes in this country, people owe more on them than they're worth. 1 out of 10 people are out of work and the reason those two things are true is because the bankers in this country brought down the economy, period and they have to pay for it. >> the car companies are not facing the same kinds of penalties. >> they're not paying out $600,000 a person in bonuses either. i'd like to see the check written from chrysler to a slew of people who are 30 years old and gambling away taxpayer dollars. >> many people would argue if the car companies had been producing the types of cars and doing business in the right way in the last 10 years, they wouldn't have needed to be
7:28 am
bailed out. >> the banks should have been doing business, the economy would not have been brought to its knees and we wouldn't have to be paying out a trillion dollars. >> hearing -- >> would not be out of work. >> let me finish -- here in new york we're happy that the banks are paying out these bonuses. that helps the tax revenue of new york city. >> i'm not happy. >> let's end on a positive note. more tax revenue coming into the state of new york. thank you very much. latest from haiti including an interview with wyclef jean. >> we've spent the day picking up dead bodies all day. that's what we did. >> and we're also going to hear from more of the victims and we have now reports of the looting that could be going on. we're going to talk to the general leading the relief effort in haiti live from port-au-prince. how far would you go to protect your kids while at school? why one family is sending their kid to school with a bulletproof vest and check out the headgear. and now i know without enough,
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> all right. want 6 >> this is a fox news alert. red cross estimating tens of thousands could be dead in haiti this morning. rescue workers are trying desperately to find survivors still trapped under all that rubble. despite all the chaos and devastation, there was a shining moment when a european search team found this little boy. he had been buried beneath a
7:32 am
crumbled home. rescuers say they're worried time is running out. joining them was haitian born musician wyclef jean who spoke with bill hemmer last night. >> from the airport here at port-au-prince, wyclef jean, haitian born along with his wife and family. this is haiti's version of bono. this is haiti's version of bruce springsteen. he means so much to the people here. how did you spend your day today? >> i mean, the best way i can say it is this is apocalypse. reality that you're getting at the airport has nothing to do with what's going on on the ground right now. we're talking about this, people that are still under the rubble. the count is not 100,000. there's at least has to be 400,000 to 500,000 people that is about to die. >> extraordinary figure. and frankly, we've stayed away from those numbers because they've been high and low. they've been up and down. >> i'm on the ground. it's high. the numbers are high. we talking about we need a state of emergency. >> i'm not arguing with you,
7:33 am
i'm trying to figure out how you spent your day. it was harrowing for you and your wife. >> we spent the day picking up dead bodies all day. that's what we did from kids, it's so much bodies in the streets that the morgues are filled up. the cemeteries are filled up. so we participated in picking up the bodies and finding a place where we could put these bodies. i got to tell you, i have a strong woman. i don't know how she did it, man. >> how did you do it? >> i don't have a choice. i'm doing ok. >> you say you didn't have a choice? >> yeah, we had no other choice because that's when we walk in, that's all we saw is pretty much a lot of dead bodies in the streets. kids, so many people underneath. we have more bodies underneath the stone of all them houses that break down than we have live bodies right now. >> i know -- i know you're trying to raise money. >> yeah. >> how can people help your country? >> people can help right now our country by texting, you're going to text the word yele,
7:34 am
y-e-l-e, 501501 send. we have to raise a million dollars a day on for four to fi days, this whole country will be in chaos. we're calling for a state of emergency. please, president obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, the four million we ask for our haitians, we have to do something for this country. >> my best to you, ok? i know it is a tough time. i can feel it in your voice when we were talking earlier so good luck, ok? >> wyclef jean and by the way, if you want to help out like he was asking you to and i'm sure you do, more information can be found by doing this, the state department has set up a telephone number. 1-888-407-4747. >> meanwhile, as we've been talking about this morning, u.s. military forces are hoping to help the devastated nation of haiti. president obama has committed 3500 soldiers and several thousand marines to help stablize and bring aid to the region. now, right now, we have the man in charge of leading the new
7:35 am
joint task force in haiti, lieutenant general ken kinney, he joins us live from the phone in haiti. what's going to be different today if you have your way than yesterday? >> well, we're going to splaz out today. we have the uss carl vincent on scene. we're you'rusing a company of paratroopers that came in overnight. in our priority right now is getting water out to some of the sites that and working alongside the u.n. and the forces to coordinate our efforts. >> general, how are you getting the water out? if the roads are impassable, what are you doing? >> well, we're using the great assets of the uss carl vincent that's being helos which are much needed, as you said, even the roads are impassable or very
7:36 am
congested. >> lieutenant general, a lot of people are thinking back to the tsunami of five, six years ago, and they're remembering that so many supplies were dropped there as well and then what became problematic as brian is alluding to is the infrastructure to get the medicine and the water and the food to send to all these different locales. is that what the u.s. military is going to be helping with? >> absolutely. and that is a significant challenge we're dealing with here is delivering the supplies to the point that it's needed and working with the -- and supporting the efforts of the u.s.a. aid and the international community to do that and get the organization and get the mechanisms in here to deliver those supplies to where they're needed on the ground. >> absolutely. because sir, the people there are desperate and in some cases, they have loved ones who are still alive trapped beneath the rubble.
7:37 am
there have been scattered reports of law and order starting to fracture in some places. a little looting. a few gunshots have been heard in the capital. how big a concern is security? >> well, it is -- it is a concern but fortunately, up to this point, security has not been an issue and i think the key here is answering the need of the haitian people that are desperate and out there so that's our efforts along with the u.n. is to answer their call for help and we're very appreciative of everyone and particularly the help that the u.s. government has already put here and we're going to be here as long as needed and more help is on the way. >> good. >> the uss vincent is there. you mention that's where the resources are. in terms of heavy equipment to dig people out, to open roads up, what do you have? >> well, it's on the way. and that will be in the form of the ship and the marine
7:38 am
expeditionary unit and we expect it to arrive within the next week and they have a lot of heavy equipment that will be most needed to open roads up to clear a lot of the rubble that's in the way as well as deliver and our capability to deliver supplies. >> i imagine it's difficult for military to come up with such a plan so quickly because it's multifaceted. i mean, not only are you going in there to deliver the food and water and such but you also have to have everyone prepared for potential security issues. we've been hearing our reporters on the ground that this kind of sustenance doesn't get to these people in the next 24 hours, it could be a whole different kind of haiti come tomorrow. >> i'm meeting along with the ambassador with the acting u.n. secretary-general mueller and the commander, that is a concern of ours frmen. responding to this need as
7:39 am
quickly as possible and doing the best we can with international organizations and all i can tell you is we are doing everything within our power to make it happen. and we're going to work it. but it is -- >> well, it looks as if the satellite phone has dropped out right there. our thanks to lieutenant general ken keen who is heading up the efforts for the military over in haiti. thank you, sir. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. more headlines? >> let's talk more about north korea. they may stop talking to the south? it's upset with seoul's alleged contingency plan to deal with potential unrest in the communist country. north said it's going to start a retaliatory holy war over the south against the plans. minutes before the north threat, the regime accepted 10,000 tons of food from the south. >> meanwhile, a shootout at a florida gas station leaves one deputy dead and his alleged killer wounded. police say 33-year-old captain chad reed died after he and
7:40 am
other officers tracked a suspected killer, 55-year-old john kalez for over 90 miles. he allegedly shot and killed two elderly women and critically injured two others. >> nasa launched an extensive investigation into cocaine found inside the orbiter processing facility in cape canaveral. >> what? >> that's the hanger where the shuttle is mounted on its booster rocket. employee found the drug outside the bathroom. special access badges are required to get into the hangar. there's been no indication of anyone working under the influence. let's hope not. >> sky-high! >> here's a question for all the parents out there -- how far would you go to protect your kid? well, parents of an 11-year-old girl in california , check out the video here, they're sending their daughter to school in a bulletproof vest and a helmet. there have been a string of random shootings in valley springs, california, near her school in 15 cases, those shootings have damaged cars or homes. so the girl's family said they're taking the precaution during the girl's trip to and
7:41 am
from school. that's one way to say the statemen -- stay safe. >> it was the highest rated show, on food network. >> that's exactly right. it was january 3rdrd. if you're familiar with the iron chef series, what they do is they get the chefs in there and they give them a special ingredient. well, the special ingredient in this case was produce from the white house garden grown by first lady michelle obama. watch this. >> my surprise today is that your secret ingredient is anything from the white house garden. >> there is an abundance of just wonderful, seasonal vegetables and fruits. take as much of it as you need. >> wow. >> that is dramatic as vegetable
7:42 am
music i've ever heard. >> no kidding. i was going to say wow! suspenseful. guess what? the suspense actually is true. there was a bit of a mystery that went on with this particular episode. apparently, word out now that they didn't use the vegetables from the white house garden. they do this show in new york city and apparently, they used vegetable stunt doubles. >> oh, my goodness. can we put our best person on this? emerill and bobby flav is complicit. they use vegetables not grown. >> it was presented here they are shopping through the white house garden, next thing you know, they're at the kitchen stadium but like gretchen said, the kitchen stadium is in new york plus there was a time differential of, i think, a week or two between the time they picked the fresh vegetables and the time they did the cooking. so they bought some stuff at the grocery store in new york and not from michelle obama. >> only one person to follow up this story.
7:43 am
>> who's that? >> john stossel. >> let's put -- he's our vegetable correspondent and we'll find out. >> that's news to him this morning that he's the vegetable correspondent. >> i'm calling stossel on the break. >> maybe he'll see it somewhere on twitter or facebook. social media sites like those have been a life line in haiti letting people connect with loved ones and helping raise millions of dollars. our own clayton morris is next with more on how it's working and what you can do. >> and a teacher's simple homework assignment may have helped save the life of her own daughter. she will be here to tell us about this classroom miracle.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> welcome back. it was an ordinary homework assignment. a texas teacher asked her prebiology class to do a report on any disease that affects the body in multiple ways. well, the students were the ones expected to learn from the project. it was actually the teacher and her daughter who benefitted from it. learning something they didn't expect. with us right now, fort worth
7:47 am
high school teacher lori roke. lori's 14-year-old daughter, hope, and one of lori's students at southwest high, johnny. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> all right. lori, let's start with you. what was this assignment in december just before the christmas break? >> the pre-ap biology classes were all given an assignment to research a disease that affects multiple organ systems and that was originally intended to be an oral presentation over the research they have done and i modified it a little bit and required that the students submit a summary of their research to me right before winter break. >> ok. so johnny, you were in her class. what did you decide to write about? >> i decided to write about diabetes. >> why? >> because my father has it and all my uncles. >> makes perfect sense. so johnny hands in the paper, lori, and you were grading it. you're reading it and you look at it a little bit and you
7:48 am
think, wait a minute. this sounds familiar. >> absolutely. one of the things that he'd included in his paper was a list of symptoms that people experience at the onset of diabetes. and i had noticed several of the symptoms in our daughter hope and seeing them all together in one place on paper just made it click for me. individually, it didn't seem like anything to be medically concerned about. but all of them together, it was too much of a coincidence. >> and hope, how were you feeling at the time? >> nervous, confused because i didn't really understand because most people don't think there is more than one type of diabetes. >> sure. and so lori, you took hope to your doctor and discovered that she did have diabetes. and i understand the way the doctor described it, she had a severe case. >> yeah. when we went into the doctor's
7:49 am
office, i told them i wanted her tested. so the nurse did the initial finger prick and took the blood sugar levels. i knew she needed to go in fasting so she hadn't eaten anything since the night before. and her sugar levels were over 350 or 400. and that's excessively high because the real range should be between like 70 to 120. >> sure. exactly right. as it turns out, lori, johnny wound up writing a paper that really, by you looking at it, saved your daughter's life, you feel. >> i really do. when i got to the hospital, they got everything under control. later, the endocronoligst that met with us told me, you owe this kid a consultation fee. and i kind of said yeah, i know! you're right. and he looked at me in the eye and he said, no, really. this was very serious. >> well, johnny did wind up with an a on the paper which is great and hope discovered that she does have diabetes and
7:50 am
johnny, perhaps, did save her life. and lori, we thank you very much for the three of you joining us today from texas to share this story. it's a good one. >> thank you so much. >> all right. have a great weekend. all right, straight ahead, internet sites like twitter, facebook and skype have proven to be valuable in haiti after that devastating earthquake. clayton morris will be here next with more on how they're being used as the only means of communications in some situations. and today is january 15th, on this day in history, back in 1870, the democratic party adopted the donkey as a symbol. in 1943, construction on the pentagon was finished. and in 1968 the beatles had the number one song in america "hello good-bye." upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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7:54 am
>> all right, the answer to the question of the day, charo, the winner. >> serious stuff now. many haitians and haitian-americans are having a tough time reaching their relatives understandably to see if they're even alive. but internet sites like twitter, facebook and skype have been helping people connect with their families. >> and our own clayton morris, our tech guru is here to help us understand how this is working. obviously, the power goes out on the entire island. >> right. >> but people have handheld devices still? >> yeah, people have handheld devices and the only images we were able to see out of haiti came from mobile devices. take a look at one of these pieces of video. this was surveillance video that was uploaded to you tube. our first glimpses and images of what unfolded from the earthquake as cars are driving down the street, you can see the surveillance cameras shaking. this was uploaded to you tube. you can see in the background, the buildings like dominos end up falling. this information would not have gotten out there, electricity was cut. people were able to do this via
7:55 am
their handheld devices and able to get this up on the web without electricity. >> i imagine we'll get more of that. also, we have the personal accounts. more video of people going through this. >> yeah, imagine, we saw this coming out of iran because right, the state controlled media clamped down on people not being able to get information out. news organizations weren't able to get information out so power of the people with their handheld devices with cameras on their camera phone, take a look at one woman, a haitian woman, she was saying she thought the world was ending. she's there screaming on the street and sends this information out via you tube and you get to see some of the chaos here. watch this. we have some sound on this, too. >> the world is coming to an end! >> she said the world coming to an end.
7:56 am
she's speaking creole there. she's alone. she doesn't know who to communicate to. she's getting this information on the web. twitter became a valuable place for people to get this information out. imagine you're trapped in a town, you don't know what's going on. you don't know if the state controlled, rescue services are coming to you or not. people posting things on twitter. take a look at some of tweets at different areas like people needing medical attention. this one from rom in haiti and he says medical attention need. there's a collapsed school behind the first church. live people in the rubble. so send help. and here's another one, he's saying look, just came back from the streets. people are fighting over food and water. need medicine. and brian, you were asking earlier how valuable this is. well, it's because of geolocation that twitter has rolled out so they know down to the meter where you're located. >> amazing. >> based on longitude and latitude. >> you know of one case where a woman was found alive as a result. >> a woman in montreal, she's in canada, her friend is in haiti, trapped under rubble. only way she was able to get
7:57 am
information out, she had her hands available to send out a status update on facebook. her friend in canada saw her status update, was able to contact authorities, locate her based on her location and saved her life. >> now they're -- >> think about it, social networking sites, friends, relatives, people that care about you. they're the ones most motivated to save you in a situation like this. >> think of it after 9/11 posting pictures on walls after 9/11, this is the new version of that. >> clayton morris, very interesting, thanks very much. >> thousands of soldiers and marines from fort bragg getting ready to head to haiti. geraldo rivera is going with them and join us live next. >> he was dead on the operating table for 45 minutes but it was all part of the new surgical procedure. we'll find out how he's here with us today. imagine a whole new life for your hair.
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...doesn't have to consume you. take the step today and ask your doctor... ...whether seroquel xr is... ...right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 15, 2010. thank you for sharing your time. we begin with a fox news alert. thousands of american troops getting ready to ship out right now from fort brag to haiti where survivors are still being you would. geraldo rivera is with them and we'll talk to him about being part of this recovery effort. >> they count themselves, the administration of transparency. so why then is vice president joe biden holding a closed door meeting with the chief of transparency for economic recovery? huh? does he ever open his door? and he was dead on the operating table for more than a half hour.
8:01 am
but it was a planned death. part of a new surgical procedure. he'll be here live. our slogan cams from michigan. don't lose sleep over leno and o'brien. wake up early with steve, griefen and brian. >> funny. good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. the death toll in haiti climbing with the red cross saying 50,000 people could be dead. search and rescue teams, doctors, military troops are all on the scene there trying to help. the damaged roads in the airport making it difficult to get supplies to the people. many of whom are now homeless. in an interview this morning, former president bill clinton, the u.n. special envoy to haiti, stressed the desperation in the country. >> let's look where we are. first of all, we're still finding people alive. we've got 21 more search and rescue teams coming in today. but they don't have enough
8:02 am
water, don't have enough food or medical supplies. we still got to find shelter for all those people that have no place to go at night. >> to make matters worse, the desperation for food and water is leading to some looting. if you would like to help the state department has set up a phone number to call. 888-407-4747. >> and president obama has asked bill clinton and george w. bush to assist in the relief areas much as george herbert walker bush and former president bill clinton did during the tsunami. we're continuing from port-au-prince where jonathan hunt is standing by live. the sun is up and rescue and recovery continues today, doesn't it? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. activity is ramping up here at the airport in port-au-prince today. it was busy yesterday. it is busier today. i've just seen u.s. navy choppers landing across to my right, another u.s. air force
8:03 am
c-17 out of fort bragg just landed. the aid is coming in. the personnel are getting here not only to get that aid to the people, we hope, but also to provide the sort of order on the streets that is clearly going to be necessary. as we said yesterday, there was a stern stoke determination among the people we saw to get through this in a calm, disciplined fashion. but that discipline could break down very, very quickly indeed if the food, water, the medical supplies, the tents for shelter do not get out to the people very quickly. i think we are facing right now in port-au-prince a critical 24 hours. not much of the aid that was arriving here at the airport yesterday actually got into the hands of people. there were isolated incidents of some food being passed out. but not much more than that. no coordinated campaign to get everything out onto the streets where it is so desperately needed. if they do not start doing that today, there is a very real fear
8:04 am
among the haitian people and a very real possibility that the situation here could deteriorate rapidly. we've seen the capacity of haiti for violence in the past. the coup in 2004, the food riot in 2008. it's not inconceivable by any many that we could see that kind of violence, if not worse, breaking out on the streets again if the food, water, medical supplies do not get to these people very quickly. i think we maybe have 24 hours. if it slips to 48, i would not want to be the person standing in the back of the truck handing out the water bottles or the food supplies. it could get very ugly. the haitian people are saying we're being patient, but we need the help. you've got to get it to us now. i spoke to the president preval at the airport. he said that his government itself is broken. he openly admitted that. some of his own ministers have been killed. the presidential palace has been destroyed. he appealed for international help urgently. it cannot come quick enough. the u.s. marines here running
8:05 am
this airport now are doing everything they can. but this is absolutely in every way, shape and form a race against time, steve. >> jonathan, thank you very much. >> if the u.s. is in charge, it will get done. maybe with the government out of the way, tragically in a way, things will get done quickly. a guy who knows about tragic scenes way too much, geraldo rivera is in fort bragg poised to go in to haiti and see all that tragedy up close and personal. geraldo, right now, what is the sense on the ground amongst those about to deploy? >> they're very eager to get on the ground. as you suggest, there is the log jam, logiccal log jam. eag tore bring assistance to those folks. on the point jonathan was making, i'm with the 82nd airborne second brigade combat team. these are the guys that can
8:06 am
bring calm to chaos. i'm standing alongside colonel gibson, the commander of the group, these are guys i've been with in iraq, afghanistan. these are among the most elite troopers in the united states armed forces and they are eager to get there and colonel, what do you think your priority will be when you get on the ground? >> thanks, first of all, for this opportunity. clearly we're there to assist the haitian people. we bring a number of capabilities. we can help find individuals who are trapped in the rubble and we can provide medical assistance or recovery. we can help transport and distribute the humanitarian relief supplies, including water, food, and medical. >> i know you're ready to go. you're ready to go with the entire brigade if necessary. how frustrating is it to be on the ground waiting for them to clear that air space and get that runway in port-au-prince in order? >> of course, we are prepared. we've been prepared for about the last day and a half and we actually have forces on the
8:07 am
ground now. i talked to my element forward in haiti and they are getting organized and beginning their mission there. for the rest of us, we are eag tore make our contribution and we look forward to that in the coming hours and days. >> some of the greatest soldiers ever. i tell you, brian, that these guys can help remedy the situation and on your point, that maybe no government is better than the bad government, haiti had a nonexistent government for an awfully long time. anarchy generally rules. that gang violence that jonathan talked about has been real and it's a real threat. but if these guys can get out there and get deployed as i fully expect, we expect to be on the ground by night fall today, i believe that the aid can then start flowing freely to the people in need and that desperate situation. >> it would have to be only the u.s. military that would be up to the task. obviously the most elite people in the world and being able to
8:08 am
handle a variety of situations because when we see the reporters on the ground there, they're saying, they're talking about 24 hours being the time span before it could go into chaos. >> i remember one moment where i was standing on top of an rv in hurricane katrina, it was a saturday morning and i looked up and i saw general caldwell of the 82nd airborne and i said, thank you, god. help has arrived and it was a couple of hours later that they had what had been absolute chaos , desperation, dead bodies and all the rest, they had that thing coming to the extent that the relief effort was successful. it was largely because the united states armed forces and at that point, led by the 82nd and by russell henry. >> geraldo, the united states does have to leave at this point because their government is absolutely in shambles.
8:09 am
their parliament building collapsed completely. just yesterday, they pulled the senate president, kelly, out of the parliament building itself and took him to a hospital in the dominican republic. so even though the state department made it very clear, we are not taking over haiti. we're just going to try to help them dig out. >> well, i would pick a different point of view if i were hillary clinton. i think haiti desperately needs taking over right now. they have been a dysfunctional government, one long ruled by the dictatorship. there is gangs rule. it's extremely volatile, the entire situation there. i think now, to use remain emmanuel, don't let a crisis go to waste, this may be an opportunity to help restore or rebuild or build an infrastructure and a government that works. this nation is 200 years old. it's not like it popped up 20
8:10 am
days ago and still, it doesn't serve the people at all. it's barely representative in any way, shape, or form. i think that now the international community should look upon the stepchild and the family of nations and say, what can we do? it hasn't helped that it has been absolutely star crossed, hit by three hurricanes and a torrential rainstorm brought by a tropical storm. it just seems that the people who can endure this misery the least are the people who can afford it the least. >> we look forward to your reports when you arrive in haiti. >> meanwhile, it's time to check the rest of the headlines 'cause there is more news happening. >> up to eight army officers could be punished for their role in the events leading up to the fort hood shootings. a report will be released today. it's expected to sate officers didn't do anything when suspected shooter nidal malik hasan displayed erratic behavior
8:11 am
early in his military career. they supervised him when he was a medical student and during his work as an army psychiatrist. >> all airlines flying to the u.s. or within the country are being told by homeland security to prepare for even tighter security. this because of new al-qaeda threats from yemen. the u.s. is putting more air marshalls on international flights and pressing for more random screenings at airports. officials say they don't have the specific information on the plots, where they could happen or what attack may occur, but something is going on out there. massachusetts senate race getting tighter this morning. a new poll showing a major shift in favor of the republican candidate. that could spell trouble for president obama's agenda. a survey shows that scott brown, a republican state senator, that he has 50% of the vote in the race to fill ted kennedy's vacant senate seat. coakley has 46%. she's the attorney general, once led in this race by double
8:12 am
digits. special election is going to be on tuesday. sources at nbc tell the "washington post" that jay leno is set to return to the "tonight show" at 11:35 p.m. after the winter olympics next month. so far conan o'brien refusing to move the "tonight show" to 12:0 5:00 a.m, so he could be out at nbc. they keep taking swipes at each other and their own network. >> actually the "tonight show" with conan o'brien ratings have gone up. so you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> of course, everybody knows nbc and i are having a little tiff, a little lover's quarrel, if you will. there is a rumor, this came out today, a rumor that nbc is so upset with me, they want to keep me off the air for three years. my response to that is if nbc doesn't want people to see me, just leave me on nbc. [ laughter ] >> nbc wants to work out the
8:13 am
problems and have a schedule in place when the olympics begin. >> they called conan gutless and a failure at "tonight show." they've upgraded the barb. >> civil war across the street. quickly, transparency, supposeed to -- joe biden had a meeting on transparency, but the meeting was closed, this according to the l.a. times. wait a minute, what's that all about? we thought it was all supposed to be out in the sunshine. no, all behind closed doors. in fact, most of it is. the l.a. times guy was with them closed. >> he's meeting with his transparency officer, but no press allowed. no press allowed. they were allowed to spray the pool area, to get video, no sound. >> this administration has come up with new monikers for a lot of words we already knew, like war on terror. so maybe transparency will have a new word now attached to it. >> perhaps. >> democrats and labor unions
8:14 am
strike a deal on health care reform. while you were sleeping, who is really going to benefit and who will wind up losing the prescription for truth next? >> man goes into surgery and dies on the table. the doctors killed him on purpose, to save his life.
8:15 am
8:16 am
president obama speaking to democrats on capitol hill,
8:17 am
acknowledging that they have been in an uphill fight for health care reform. >> i know how big a lift this has been. i see the polls. i get 40,000 letters every day and i read a stack of them each night. >> now there is word that democrats and labor unions cut a deal yesterday afternoon that would exempt unions from taxes on so-called cadillac insurance plans, something the unions said we're against, mr. preponderate. >> joining us now a prescription for truth. a lot of people woke up this morning and they said, wow, this huge deal happened while we were sleeping. would you call it a deal or a bribe? >> a lot of people woke up realizing that they were pawns and dupes and cynical, sick, scheme to change health care in america forever at their expense. they were wakened to
8:18 am
something -- a lot of people are awakening again, like they did last summer. if you're a union member now and you and steve pointed out early in the show, then you have a benefit that other people don't have. we talked about the president talked about bending the curve, reducing cost. one of the ways was to reduce health care costs was make it difficult for people to have really good and expensive health care plans. seems like a disconnect. we want to punish people for having a really good health care plan. so if you're a union member, you have a really good health care plan, you're not going to be punished. or if you're part of collective bargaining, you won't be punished. if you're part of the obama inner circle, you won't be punished. if you're a friend of nancy pelosi, you won't be punished. if you don't know them, then you will be punished and you will pay for it and have less health care. >> i don't live in nebraska or louisiana and no longer the member of a union. you look behind the scenes
8:19 am
stuff, it says in addition to unions, if you've had a collective bargaining agreement with your health care, also state and local government employees. isn't there a guy who used to be a big shot at seiu in the white house who is helping the president formulate his strategy? >> sure. he happens to be a friend of mine, but he's making a mistake on this, patrick gaspart. but what's going to happen as a result of these high tax plans, okay, is that companies are going to say, listen, we're going to shift it to you, steve, and gretchen, we'll keep the costs down by increasing the deductible, meaning instead of paying $20, you'll pay $100. increasing the co-pay, you'll pay $40 and it will be a game. >> 'cause they have to make up the revenue stream. if these union people are going to be exempt from paying the tax, at least 'til 2018, where is that money going to come from? >> we're talking about 60 to
8:20 am
$70 billion now that's in a gap. you know who announced this deal? not the white house. not the congress. the union leaders out of the afl-cio said we have a deal now. hasn't gone to the congressional budget office, don't know what it will cost american, but our folks are okay. is that fair? if it's going to be imposed on one person, it should be, in my view, imposed on all. wrong to begin with, but let's not cut out sweeteners, favors, sweetheart deals, middle of the night scams. >> peter, you are saying it's not fair and balanced. >> it's not fair and balanced. it will hurt folk. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> coming up, a man goes in for surgery and dies on the table. doctors killed him on purpose to save his life? he joins us next. >> then the f.b.i. age progressed osama bin laden. wait until you see what he looks like today. we've got his new mug shot straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
a man goes into surgery to repair his heart, but the only way to save his life was to kill him. that's right. his doctors had to stop his heart for up to 40 minutes to save his life. here to explain exactly why this happened and why this is so rare is robert and the doctor who performed the surgery. doctor, thanks so much for joining us today and robert, glad you're okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> doctor, this is the second time you've done this. first time in a while. tell us how unique this surgery is. >> actually this is a pretty unique surgery, actually in phoenix, there are multiple centers throughout the united states that do do this. but this is a particular type of surgery that requires circulatory arrest and that's where not only do you stop the
8:25 am
heart, but you stop all blood flow throughout the body. >> you do this -- while you're doing that, the heart is out, the heart is stopped, but are you still working on the heart? >> we are working on the pulmonary arteries, it's one of the large vessels that supplies the lungs with blood from the heart. you open up the arteries and you clean out chronic thrombus that had adhered to the arterial walls and in order to get way deep into the pulmonary arteries and get a good cleanout, the blood flow needs to be stopped throughout the body. >> robert, when you heard you had chronic thrombus and they had to stop your heart, what was your reaction and what was it like for 40 minutes for you? >> actually the whole procedure i wasn't aware of anything. i know it was a risky type situation that i was in and it was no other alternative other
8:26 am
than to have this done and i'm so glad the doctor was there to be able to do this for me. >> doctor, is this something that -- what normally would you do with the heart had this procedure not existed and not tried and been successful and how much more difficult had this procedure been had you not gone through this 40 minute stoppage? >> you couldn't have done a complete cleanout. he would have had a partial one and we wouldn't have achieved what we need to do get done. he was in severe right heart failure. this is what most people succumb to and hypoxia. by cleaning them out, it allowed the blood flow to easily pass through the lungs and the rest of the body, keeping him out of heart failure. that's the main reason for doing the operation. the other option is he can basically spend the rest of his small amount of life in a miserable state or possibly go for a lung transpant.
8:27 am
that's about the only other option. >> you look great and you picked the right doctor. thanks so much for sharing your surgery. hopefully people watching will feel there is some hope and maybe know what to ask their doctor if it happens in their life to themselves or a loved one. thanks, guys. >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up next as we finish up our show in 33 minute, from gitmo to the capitol, alleged terrorists to be tried in washington. it could happen. we have the breaking details. we're not talking khalid shaikh mohammed. this kid, eight, is on the government's no fly list. you have to hear why. it's not because of that, really. and he's a marked man in the new season of "24". the actor tells us about his role alongside jack bower. is it just me or is there a heartbeating?
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
half past of the hour. the window of opportunity is closing for those rescue workers to find people trapped in haiti's rubble alive. there are fears that the death toll could climb past 50,000 as aides struggle to get past the chaos. you're looking at a person being rescued. amazing video. we have just learned that another american in the process has been killed. the body of a 22-year-old woman, a graduate of portland university, was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building this morning. she was there volunteering as a physical therapy at the friends of the orphans. another american volunteer for the organization was also killed in the building collapse.
8:31 am
evacuations continue and for many of the other americans trapped there, we'll have to wait and see how that ends up. we have an interview coming up later on in our show with these missionaries from florida and they're waiting to get them back home here as well, including this man from new jersey who is on a mission trip there. take a listen as he describes the nightmare. >> the earth like jello and we were rolling for like a minute. we grabbed as many orphans as we could, we hit the ground and all of us, there were a few in the building, but the building didn't go anywhere. they came out of the building and hit the ground and we just held each other until this passed. >> right now the u.s. military is there and reinforcements on the way to bring more manpower and supplies. >> let's go live to haiti where orlando is at the port-au-prince airport and joins us with the latest. the word today is hurry. they've got to hurry the supplies in, get them to the people and the people who are trapped, they've got to try to
8:32 am
get them out pronto. >> sure. you're hitting it on the head. right now as we speak to you, i can't move my camera, but all around me, there are planes and choppers and people are unloading things. there are conveyer belts that are actually moving and trying to get stuff out of here. we came in very early this morning. we had to make the 160-mile trek by land and as we were coming in and we crossed the borrowed prosecutor the dominican republic into haiti, in the middle of the evening while we were sitting there waiting for this to happen, waiting to cross, you could hear the haitians arguing with the dominican border guards trying to let them in. i asked one of the security folks what was going on and he said, yeah, they're screaming and trying to come across the border. but they wouldn't be allowed to come across the border. as we came into port-au-prince and made that trek, you could see a lot of devastation, the closer you got to the inner part of the city. let me tell you, about the same time we got here, there was
8:33 am
another tremor. and people at that point began to get out. we saw them actually get into their vans and cars and stay there as much as they could, hoping that that would be enough and then as we started to drive to this location, you could see that there were a lot of folks who decided to go ahead and get back out in the yard and start to sleep. everybody was congregating out in the streets and i'm telling you, you can see that these folks here are being as resourceful as they can. they're still selling and giving away things out on the street, but they need that aid that you're talking about, water and i'm telling you, as we were coming in here, steve, they're already starting to give you some looks. they see you coming in in this car, in this jeep, in this van that you do not have, or they do not have and they're looking at you because they know you've got something in that van so you're right. time is critical. and i can tell you also, the military is here, the u.s. military has taken this airport over. they're doing their best to try to get this and have some semblance of order.
8:34 am
but they will probably indeed need choppers to drop off a lot of this gear. the roads coming all around here are horrific. they're impassable and for a lot of these military vehicles that are heavy duty, weigh a whole hell of a lot, they're not going to make it on those roads unless they actually make some sort of way to pave them over or make them a little wider. you're going to need choppers to drop this stuff off. the military is considering all its options as we speak, steve. >> absolutely. that's right. carl vincent is arriving shortly and i think it is bringing about 20 helicopters. orlando at the airport there in port-au-prince. he was talking about donations. i think world wide so far, $300 million have been donated. if you would like information, the state department set up a phone number to call, 888-407-4747. mostly they need money. you can donate at these organizations, the red cross, catholic relief services, and habitat for humanity.
8:35 am
i should point out last night we made a donation to red cross. they give you a menu of where you want the money to go. if you want to specifically for it to go to the efforts in haiti, you've got to click the haiti button, which i think is the number 2 button. for your information. >> all right. thanks very much. some of the rest of the headlines, fox news alert, the obama administration is considering a criminal trial in washington now for the guantanamo bay detainee suspected of bombing or planning at least the bombing and executing it, of the bali nightclub that killed 202 people. one of the world's most notorious terrorism plot will be steps away from the white house. he was osama bin laden's point man in indonesia. >> so it was no big deal, great. what does osama bin laden look like now? here are a few choices thanks to the f.b.i.'s enhancement ability. the intelligence officials just releasing age progressive mug shots of the terror leader. this older version shows him ten years older. trimmed beard, no photo has ever
8:36 am
shown him without a head dress before. another shot of him shows him with a long flowing beard, although much grayer than we've seen in the past. >> if you see him, grab him. >> no kidding. where has the time flown? it was one year ago today that the world got to know captain sullen berger and now you're looking live at a breakfast ceremony here in manhattan. that's it right there. to celebrate the first anniversary of sully's miracle on the hudson. he was responsible for saving all 155 souls on board his u.s. airways flight 1549 out of la guardia. later today they're all going to go back to the site of the splash down by boat and at precisely 3:30 this afternoon, the moment everybody braced for impact, they will raise glasses in a toast to life. >> that's the last place i would go. >> sure. >> he is a cub scout, a catholic school third grader, but somehow
8:37 am
mikey hicks is also on the tsa no fly list. and it's all because of his name, i guess. mikey has paid the price ever since he was born, whenever his family flies. the family has written letters to the tsa and hired an attorney to get him off the list, but nothing worked yet. >> like, it's dumb for an eight-year-old to get patted down. >> honestly, an eight-year-old is not a terrorist. he could throw a fit sometimes, let me tell you, but he is certainly not trying to blow up any plane. >> yeah. >> the tsa has only instructed the family now to fill out more forms. his mom has even started a get mikey off the list facebook fan page. tomorrow we'll talk to them both right here on "fox & friends." >> i thought his biggest hurdle would be avoiding life cereal, but apparently it's not. >> that's a different mikey. mikey will eat anything. >> he grew up, i heard. it's official, kate gosselin will be back with her own show. no detail what is it will be.
8:38 am
she became a star on jon and kate plus eight. she was with her husband and things got a little ugly. her husband left, dating somebody else. they're now divorced. >> what's interesting, she has a whole new look. she has long hair now. >> i think -- doesn't nature say it has to be extensions, 'cause your hair doesn't grow that quick? >> she showed the whole process. >> they did? that's another story for stossel. >> here is the story, let's do the weather for this friday. first time up, if you're down in south texas, you've got a thunderstorm on your hands, if you're along the gulf coast as you can see, rain right up through the area just south of dallas. we also have scattered showers moving through portions of the ohio and tennessee valley at this hour. otherwise, a little rain down in south florida, things are nice and dry. and look at this currently we are finally above freezing in
8:39 am
new york city. 38 today. as you can see, 30s back through the cleveland area. this is good, we're starting to defrost. atlanta still under freezing, but hang on. kansas city at 25. later on today, things will warm up. we'll dig ourselves out of the deep freeze. take a look, this is the first map we've had in a long time where everything is at or above freezing. caribou, maine, 32. minneapolis, 33. like chicagoland. 61 later today in raleigh. 50s and 60s throughout the gulf coast. and some open 70s return to florida. that's a look at your fox travel cast and now over to brian. >> john lewis died after collapsing on the court during a game. he collapsed. the exact cause of his death is still unknown at this hour. tragic. the school is scheduled a press conference for this afternoon. lewis was 21-years-old.
8:40 am
indianapolis colts receiver said he made contact with family members in haiti two days after the earthquake. he received calls saying the relatives are safe, but some family members are unaccounted for. his parents emigrated to the u.s. and most of his relatives still live on the island. chrysler says the company wants to let americans know it has emerged from bankruptcy. for the first time since 2004, they will advertise during the super bowl. is that the new car? the auto giant will showcase its dodge brand in a 60 second spot. cbs is selling ads for between 2.5 million to $2.8 million, give or take 300,000, evidently. so good luck. hopefully it's good. i know gm has a bunch of good cars that have come out. i don't remember much about the mergee between fiat and
8:41 am
chrysler. is it working? >> when are the fiats going to arrive in america? , don't know. >> dozens of missionaries from florida stuck in haiti and the church is trying to save them. their pastor whose daughter is among them joins us next. >> and he has been part of polywood for 25 years. now he's part of jack bowers world. meet one of the stars of "24", somebody you'll recognize from slum dog millionaire. >> i want to check in with clayton, alley and dave. they have information on what is coming up on this weekend's "fox & friends." we're looking for a second source. >> here is your primary. we'll talk to a mother who is trying to get her son home from the earthquake halfaged haiti and we'll hear her story and get the latest on the rescue and recovery efforts there. >> karl rove here live on fox and "friends," talking about the special election to fill ted kennedy's vacant seat. what it could mean for the president's agenda coming up. >> tax breaks actually tuition
8:42 am
breaks for illegal immigrants. is that fair? we'll tell you where some illegals may be able to pay reduced in state tuition. we'll have that debate and much more this weekend on "fox & friends."
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
fox news alert, these are the members of a christian mission group who are trapped in haiti. they all luckily survived and now they are waiting to be rescued and brought back to the united states. joining us now is the pastor of the first baptist church and his 15-year-old daughter, faith, is among the missionaries stranded in haiti. good morning to you, pastor. >> good morning. >> just getting a chance to chat with you during the commercial break, you said you were able to speak to your 15-year-old daughter, faith, last night on the telephone from haiti where she's trapped. but okay. what did she say to you? >> well, she was talking about all the work they had done, but they were distributing food, this group collected about 10,000 boxes for gifts for the children of haiti. we've got 9,000 children in schools down there with new missions and so they've been working real hard doing their work. >> so your daughter was in the middle of a group of about 44 people that went down from a
8:46 am
conglomeration of churches in florida to help out examine deliver these boxes when the quake hit. where was she and where were the other members of these churches when the quake happened? >> they were on the main campus, which is right on the beach, about 20 miles from port-au-prince, so the epicenter was halfway between them and port-au-prince. they were shaken up very badly. i talked to her moments after the earthquake and they were terrified. but they were working. she, in fact, had just sat down with a little girl that my daughter has sponsored since she was six years old. so she just met her sponsored child, a girl named evelyn, and then the earthquake hit and they had to run out of the building, but nobody could stand. the ground was moving like ocean waves. >> evelyn is okay as well? >> they're all okay.
8:47 am
we heard of very few deaths in the immediate area. of course, most deaths are coming from buildings collapsing. >> right. but here is the interesting thing, that they can't get out from where they are because the roads are destroyed. so the only way you can get your daughter and these other missionaries back home is if you can get security guards in there or members of the military to air lift them out. what is the status of that right now? >> the military came within a mile. they called -- we were chaos last night. they saw the helicopters get about a mile away, hover, turn around and go away. two days ago, the coast guard came up to the beach and then kept on into port-au-prince. we know there is chaos over there, but we've had a couple of close ones. we're anxious for what today will hold. >> of course. with your own child there and members of your children and other churches there, what wonderful work that they're doing down there and no doubt will continue to do. pastor, thanks for sharing your story. let us know when your daughter comes back home. >> i will.
8:48 am
thank you. >> coming up on the show, he charmed movie goers in slum dog millionaire and now he's the target of a terror plot on tv's "24." we'll talk to that man. first let's check in. >> coming up at the top of the hour on america's news room, bill hemmer, live in haiti, the desperation there mounts. here at home, terror threats triggering new rules at airports. unions are getting a sweetheart deal that you may not get and a stunning new poll in that massachusetts senate race, top of the hour, see you then.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
he caught the attention of u.s. audiences as the game show host in the smash movie, slumdog
8:52 am
millionaire. now actor is playing the role of a middle east leader who is the target of a assassination plot on "24." he joins us in studio right now. this is an exciting season. this will be fantastic. >> this will be the best. >> is it because of you? >> yeah. >> i had a sense. >> we've been big fans of the show. tell us a little bit about the guy you're going to play because the great thing is, every time we have guests from "24" come on, we say, are you going to be a good guy or bad guy. >> what are they saying? >> you tell us. >> calibrated correctly, i start out as a good guy, but... . >> very good. >> tell us about the guy you play. >> i play the president of a middle eastern country who comes on a peace mission to the united states of america and for the
8:53 am
nuclear disarmment and he thinks not only for his country, but the world. >> you have an innocent teen daughter, yes or no, sir? and you are considered to be well scrubbed. >> do you think so? >> yes. not today. but on the show you are. >> yes. >> your role, you add to the tension, you add to this. what do you do to freddy prinze, junior? >> well, i just look after him because he is the best looking and the youngest member of the cast. so i just go and stand. >> can't be a bad thing. >> absolutely. >> so the season premiere for "24" this weekend. of course, even though you're from a bollywood family and a theater movie family, i first saw you on slumdog millionaire and brian is right, you were better than regis in some ways, because you played the host in
8:54 am
the version of who wants to be a millionaire. i was thinking about regis for a minute. did you watch him do the show or did you just watch your local version? >> no. i didn't watch regis, but let me be honest with you, i had the honor to meet him and he's a wonderful guy. >> what did he say about the performance? >> he loved it. he loved the performance. but i did watch all the hosts of the world, except regis. >> right now we are at war with certain elements over in the middle east and the show acknowledges that. it's not the crazy irishman or the whacky russian. that is what's authentic about your appearance, your role in this. don't you think that's part of the reason why people get sucked in? >> absolutely. "24" has been topical and always ahead of its time.
8:55 am
and it is some kind of -- as if they have -- they instinctually do the right thing and predict the future. that's what it is. this show also, everything in the show, when you see, you will feel as if it was planned and as if they knew the future. >> in the future on this program, we're going to continue the conversation with you, if you have a couple more minutes. >> absolutely. >> very good. okay. >> check out "24" premiere this is weekend on fox. >> got a question, we'll be back in two minutes.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
i guess brian said that i'm going to have an amazing question. >> a penetrating question. >> one question i did want to ask you is that apparently you almost didn't take the slumdog millionaire role, right, but it was the advice of whom? >> my son. >> really? >> tell us the story. >> well, i to be honest with you, i got a call that danny boy wanted to meet me and i didn't know who that was and my son educated me and, his film is on the door of the bedroom. you've been seeing this poster for so many years and you don't know who danny boy is? suddenly i realized what a huge mistake i was going to do if i wouldn't have done this film and not listened to my son. >> you had to listen to your family 'cause you come from a film family in bollywood, right?
8:59 am
>> absolutely. we've been making films for 60 years. >> getting an oscar for a movie? >> that was -- >> it was a good move. >> he predicted it. >> really? >> your son did? >> yeah. >> two for two. >> yeah. but i always tell him, it's beginners luck. you have to do it again. >> is that the key for you now? >> it shocked me. >> i told him last night we were together, i said, next time we go on a show, i'm going to dress up like jack bower. >> you know what, just like jack bower, we're running out of time. check him out on "24" that premiere this is weekend. a real pleasure. you'll be in the after the show show. >> of course. thank you so much for everything. >> have a greatee

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